How We can Help You at TGS Group

As GROUP TGS, we know that the development of your website is strategic to make your business grow in this globalized
and highly competitive era, because nowadays, no matter what you’re doing or selling,

Web Design

Today more than 1.66 BILLION companies are doing business online and more than half do so through their websites.

Would you like to be one of them and increase your sales?

Ask about our different plans

Graphic Design

We must look good for «that person» whose attention interests us … the client. 

Graphic design is everywhere!. We make people see you how they should see you, that your message reaches those who are looking for what you offer attractively.

Digital Marketing

We are online or we are off! Did you know that more than 100,000 companies after the pandemic began to do business online?

With our Digital Marketing service we make your business reach the eyes of new customers and not lose those who might be looking for you.

Subscription To Online Ordering System For Restaurants And Delis

A salesperson who does exactly what you tell him, at the time you need, you don’t pay him overtime and he remains alert 100% of his time offering your products…

Doesn’t that sound incredible? that seller is called: My online ordering system.

Now everything is ordered online!


It’s not just about having the best product, it’s about making it look attractive!

We live in a visual generation and as a company you cannot expect your inventory to move by itself or your customers to walk through your entire warehouse… what you need is an attractive photographic catalogue! To easily reach the hand of your buyers.

Restaurant Menu Creation

Food first enters through the eyes… and the first thing they see is your menu, so we season it with a design worthy of the dishes that your customers enjoy!

With your seasoning and our experience, we design menus that are easy to understand, that have all the dishes that you offer, look succulent and in accordance with the concept of your business.

Mobile Apps

The ease, proximity and comfort of finding what we want has never been so easy!

Today we do everything from our cell phone. More than 5 billion people have a smartphone and around 3 billion do their operations from it.

A mobile application puts you in the hands of your customers and it is easier for you to reach those who have not yet bought from you, but are looking for what you offer.

Software Development

No idea is small to us! We develop technological solutions for the needs that you may have as a business owner, for your team, for your clients, for whoever you need… software can impact everyone related to your business.

Do you have an idea to create to improve your business?

Online Stores

Looking for a more dedicated put option? Is outsourced services not enough?
We offer you a store under the concept of your business.

Where you have control and the decision that will be available to your customers.

Beyond a website, in addition to having the information of your business online, you have your entire catalog or menu available to your customers, at the times of your convenience.